You’re Not That Special

Perhaps I want to believe that you are not real. I want to believe that you’re a creature that Angels in heaven crafted as my destiny and was sent down to me for greater purposes.

In fact you’re not that special — you’re just some random person on this earth yet for unexplained reason I feel more connected to you than anyone else. For I don’t know why I’ve found comfort in you, within the little past of ours and with hundreds of new canvas I imagine we would paint together.

Sometimes I almost convinced myself that you are a part of the moon, the stars, and everything in between, just because I always caught myself crawling into your pretty ; soft and tender self. You bring peace to my chaos and love to my world.

Yet despite all these ocean-full of warmth you brought me, I still refuse to believe that you’re real and you’re not mine to begin with ; that Angels don’t guarantee you for me to keep ; and that no matter how many times I refer you as my soulmate, you’re still your own person and you — with those beautiful details of yours — will most likely turn your heart over to another random person at times when I lose grip in this cruel world.

Nonetheless I am still very much happy you’re “temporarily” here.

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You fill my lungs with sweetness and you fill my head with you — Shall I write it in a letter?