Encounter : 01

First meetings don’t supposed to go like this, don’t they? First meetings are meant to begin with a firm handshake, small talk, and an exchange of giggles if I’m lucky enough. Yet in this case, I’ve found myself getting fascinated at the most random things you did in our first couple of hours encounter, and somehow the feeling still lingers on my chest though we haven’t talked much.

Maybe it’s the constellation of stars that got formed in your eyes whenever you talk about your interest. your somethings. your someones. Or maybe it’s the big wall of confidence you put in your chest, as you explain those story of yours that surprisingly interesting for me though I have nothing in common with them. Maybe it’s the oddest form of reassurance you gave to me, encouraging me to just say whatever is on my mind, even the dumbest ones. Maybe it’s the energy built like a warm lover hug that you radiate to me (and everyone else in the room). Or perhaps, everything.

I thought that it is kind of annoying how much of sudden fondness I have towards you in such a short span of time. I don’t even know you well enough to describe what kind of person you actually are, but you’re here leaving me feeling longed and confused, waiting for your presence again.

I must be out of my mind but I‘m actually enjoying the pace of my growing heart. Tomorrow, too, I’ll keep searching for you and for the sparks in your eyes. The day after tomorrow, I’ll try to find out and learn and unravel the other sides of you. Maybe someday I could hold your hand (if you don’t mind).



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You fill my lungs with sweetness and you fill my head with you — Shall I write it in a letter?